Flowing Rivers Bring About A Landslide Of Emotional Impact Onto Man

Flowing rivers bring about a landslide of emotional impact onto man as he races toward his own brigade.  He’s headed into his demise.  Soldiers wait for him to bring on the blows with his forklifts but all that remains of him is his hand which sticks out of the dirt.  More like arising to tell everyone all is well.  He rises from the ashes in askance for peace to be delivered onto all that is held holy and pure.  However, all that he sees are the fallen soldiers brought down by the machines that crushed their bodies into ashes.  These machines were operated by man from the inside of the structures.  It was the hope of these tyrants that they could spread word of their own decree, enabling them to dictate to the fallen the word of God.  What they failed to consider was that it is they who don’t realize the truth of God.  If they had, they would not have caused this uprising from the few who dared to speak up for the rights of humanity.

However, what is humanity when it has fallen into the pits of the earth, buried up to their whims in ashes.  This is the cremation of the earth brought about by the sanctity of the Lord.  Like the phoenix, man rises from his own ashes, and summons the sprits of the world to ignite a passionate fire that would bring about peace throughout a war torn land, no matter what the cost to humanity.  The outcome must be brought about for the greater good, no matter what creatures and people must succumb to their own death in the process.

For it is the nature of man’s deeds to encompass himself to be strong through the duality of Gemini when the acrid nations have toppled over weak foundations in annunciation to their heralding king.  But who is this king, none other than the one who rises out of the ashes of poverty, and immerses himself in the riches of the land.

Seek not what you find, but hold true to what you stand for.  In every form there is a structure and holds up the tower of strength.  However, in every heart, there is a fire building up that waits to tear down the walls of hatred towards fellow human beings.

Hear me, my Lord of all creation.  For the gaps that hold sanctity alive in the hearts of man will continue to burn and the storm continues to brew and the sun also rises.

For this is the song brought on by the pulse of the angels who fight for the survival of all humanity, and not for only a select few who don’t know any better, because their minds are feeble.  They never had the chance to be developed out of the clays of knowledge.  Therefore, only their ashes remain.  The dead are soaked in the thirst of their comrades who sweat out the strength belittled by crazed notions of war.  The embattlement is fed by fear, and fear is fed by the unknown.  The more we search for the answers, the more troubled the mind and heart become, because in the end, all is illusion.  Now and forever more, we wash out our souls in the fires of the sun, and nourish our spirits by the word of God.  Isolation is no more.  It no longer exists in the hearts of man.  Only the truth of God remains.  The lasting song of salvation is sung by the voices of angels, and man has become himself again.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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