Day 53: (Unfinished Business): Through The Hours It Took Me To Travel…

Through the hours it took me to travel to the other side of the mountain, my legs burned inside with a blazing fire that tore every fiber of tissue from the bone.  At least it felt like that.  I couldn’t get over the machines that cast their rays of light against me with their tides of emotion.  How could machines have any emotion?  That was a mystery all in itself I knew I had to solve.  Carefully descending the mountain I climbed onto my dragon that carried me through the misty surrounding the atmosphere, and allowed my visions to take over me.

Cascading down the mountains was a beautiful waterfall where every man, woman and child played.  They each had their own games of amusement.

Climbing down from my dragon, I wandered over there to have a word with them.  “Hello.  My name is Aldine.  I come in peace.  Who are you and how did you get here?”

They peered into my soul with their jubilant eyes.  Without saying a word, a man and woman took me by the arms and led me into the waterfall, allowing me to pass through the others side where all the beauty was bountiful.

I was told by the man not to gaze down into the earth for too long.  When I asked why, he only became stern, saying, “You must never gaze down into the earth for too long.  No good will come of it.  Heed my warning, and you shall never go wrong.  If you do gaze into it, their will be dire consequences.”

“Okay, okay,” I responded calmly on the outside while my spirit trembled on the inside.

I never felt more fallow as I did that day.  Onlookers came over to me with their baskets of food of which they offered to me.

Then I stumbled on something and fell.  I got up from the ground while keeping my eyes closed.  I felt blood trickling down from my right shin.

An elderly woman came over, and tended to me and my wounds.  She whispered, “It’s alright, my dear.  All I have to do is wrap your wound, and it will be as good as new.”

“What was that I stumbled upon?”  I asked her.

“You must never speak of this to anyone ever again.  Keep you tidings to yourself.  And most important, walk with your eyes projected straight ahead, no matter what,” she shrieked as she continued to tend to my wounds.

I knew at that point how important it was for me to keep my guard up at all times.

For every song, there is a dance, and for every dance, there is a rhythm.  For every rhythm there is a beat that echoes throughout my heart.  I must learn to follow my rhythm whenever necessary, if I am to survive here in the unknown.  All that I’ve known has been altered.

There is a fire burning within my soul filled with questions I don’t have the answers to.  I was afraid if I opened my eyes to the realities of this place, I may never come back to my senses.  However, I did open my eyes.  When the illusions faded before me, I found myself locked up inside a prison cell, sitting on the cold floor, with my back against the wall, and shackles on my wrists and bare feet.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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