An Unrequested Departure


“I’m not very good at dying. You get very little training in it and, as far as I know, you only get the one chance so if you muck it up, you don’t make the proud exit of your dreams but sort of shuffle off in an awkward clumsy way which does little for your reputation, once you are no longer there to safeguard it.

None of that would have mattered if I hadn’t been “tipped the wink” by some severe pains across my chest, and a weird conspiratorial glance from some guy across the room who clearly thought he knew me in some way. As I leant or almost fell against the wall, he walked over to me, and said, in a semi-discreet aside, “Not long now old chap” in the manner of one who wished he had a more exalted station in life or death. I say “Death” because that…

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