Flash Fiction: Rubber Souls Burn Against The Hot Pavement

Rubber souls burn against the hot pavement when their owner is on her way down to the market to pick up fresh fish for dinner tonight.  Gayle Strewn has ascended to great heights in track and field throughout her high school years.  Now a college student, she excels not only in athletics, but also in academics.

Dashing through the roads of her mind, there is a paved path drawing her against filled with a grassy area.  The blades of green brush against the flesh of her ankles with their teardrops caressing the essence of her embodiment.  The sum of the whole produces the grain of life with every strand of the crunched bills running through the mill.

Gayle’s shows have seen it all on her travels as an errand girl, dashing down the streets carrying packages in her backpack.  She preferred running to driving a car or riding a bike, because it was a good means for relinquishing stress from her core.  The crispness of the cool air in the fall invigorated her senses.

Smoke gathered in the realms of her spirit, as her feet picked up steam built up in her shoes designed to carry her away on her adventures.

Of all the people she encountered, Gayle especially enjoyed chatting with the meat man who wrapped her steaks with care.  They talked about their week, her classes, his customers, her friends and family, his family, and everything else going on in their small church community.  These were times Gayle cherished the most.

She even wore these special shoes in the winter time, because they enabled her to pick up speed, and gripped the crunchiness of the snow with the weight of their strength they possessed.  These shoes had a sense of character and a charisma all their own.

With the floorboards creaking in the night, Gayle always knew when her next door neighbors passed through the halls of the old apartment building she lived in.  It was a two roomer, but it was all hers.  It’s her first time living out on her own.  She kept it beautifully decorated with the paintings she collected from a rummage sale.  There was also a special place in her house for her favorite shoes.

Hurling through mounds of snow, getting devoured up the up heaped of fluffy white blanketing it tops, those shoes marked their own special place in history.  Well, her life history.  They were the first pair of work shoes she ever owned, when she worked construction with her uncle on the weekends back during her high school years.  She loved the work even though it was generally considered a man’s job by many in her church community.  The often said to her, “Gayle, why don’t you seek employment doing something that’s more ladylike.  You are too much of a lady to be doing this kind of work.”

She responded by saying, “There is no stigma on a profession.  There are male nurses, male beauticians, women doctors, and women lawyers, women policemen.  I’m making my own mark in the world in the field of construction.  I plan on opening up my own business after obtain a Bachelor Of Business Administration degree.  I’m going to do office work, through managing my own company.  I could even get certified to teach construction at a junior college level or a trade school.  I could start my own school for construction.  It’s my life, and I’m going to live it the way I so choose.  These shoes I wear are very special to me, because they remind me I can accomplish anything in life I set my mind to achieving.  I won’t allow anyone’s negativity to discourage me.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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