Poetry: Rivers Of Consciousness Flow Through My Mind

As I sit here in the living room,

Typing away at my computer,

There is freshness in the air

With a hint of salt, but not quite.

The waters of my senses are overcome

With slight tension caused by not

Being able to get a good night’s rest

Last night.

There, rivers of consciousness flow

Through my mind about the atrocities

Of hearing another cry throughout

The night.

For me, the noise of the crying is like

Metal scraping against metal.

Such sensations eat away at my spirit

And devour all sense of inner peace,

Creature a realm of fire that builds

And builds and builds and builds, until

Finally, an explosion occurs due to the


An escapade breaks into embattlement,

In fiddling.

The salty waters within my soul

Create embitterment of the heart

Towards the feeble minded causing

Torturous melodies, inviting a rampage

To further my tired eyes.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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