Day 51: (Be Extraordinary): Drifting Through Time And Space

Drifting through time and space, I see the agony of the seers of the universe.  They make it their calling to subdue man with their intricacies.  For the bonds of fate echo like bells chiming in the wind.  My winds call out to me to subdue all that is unholy.  However, how can the wind song cause sheep to bleat along rivers when all please of the heart cry out with their tears.  The golden hours to ascend into the night bring out the red, gold, purple, and blue of the rainbow after the rain has stopped.

I’m left soaked with my tears surrounding the earth’s broken body.  The fig tree has nothing but remorse for me, because I failed to climb the highest mountain when it came to obliging its way to tell tales of great feats to anyone who’d listen.

Oh I attempted to climb the rocks, but with every step I took, I fell to my knees, making more scrapes along my flesh than anything else.  It was a tattered mess, getting mangled and bruised.  Finally, I decided to descend the mountain after getting half way up, but, I soon discovered what a mistake that was.

For up above me were soldiers shooting arrows down at me, telling me I must leave their domain and never come back to their fold.  It’s their obligation to uphold statues of the land, and track down municipal deeds done by every man, woman and child, and report  them to the queen of the highest decree.

She is the silent storm brewing in the heart of man, whenever his longing for what’s real to pass through his blood, creating war of the mind against his heart, enabling his spirit to grow darker and darker, and his soul to wither into nothingness.

As I struggled to descend the mountain, a dragon flow overhead, breathing its fire down on my head.  I shielded myself against the rocks, and used my powers of persuasion upon gazing into the eyes of the creature, hypnotizing it to do my biding.

It swooped over me, and landed two feet away.  I climbed on him and held tight, flying up towards the soldiers with their arrows.  I gazed down at them, extended my arm, putting a dome over them, leaving them in peril.

Breaking tides with the wind, I was flung to the ground on top of the mountain, but landing on top of the dome.

Moving about inside the dome were the soldiers who flung their arrows at me, but they only flung back at them.  The dear men hadn’t realized what was going on.

Rising on the dome, getting to my feet,  I extended both arms, causing a golden light to come out of my hands, freezing the men in time.

Removing the dome, I landed on the body of rock, and kept walking until I got to the edge.  Below me, I discovered a new world where giant machines controlled every whim of man.

Climbing on the back of the dragon, I flew over the strange land, pitting the dragon and myself against these machines enslaving man.

Upon seeing them up close, I thought to myself, What magic is this?  Could it be I have crossed over into the future?  But how can this be?

Just as the machine shot flames up at the dragon and me, I once again used my powers to freeze the land in time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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