Day 49: (Take Flight): I Often Dream About Soaring High Through The Clouds

Throughout the course of my life, I often dream about soaring high through the clouds, all the way up to the moon, with my special powers.  Perhaps my powers would come from rings, where the metal would interact with my DNA, or perhaps I’d have laser eyes where all of these elements combined would enable me to fight crime, and free humanity from the perils of war.

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous articles how as a child, I often strove to be like Wonder Woman, my favorite superhero of all time.  I admired her inner as well as her outer strength and agility.  When I was 6 ½ years old, I’d often twirl around like she did so I could become Wonder Woman.  I can remember how badly I wished for superhuman powers so I could fly.  However, the older I got, the more I came to realize it was something only transpiring in movies and television through special effect.  It wasn’t real.

However, through my dreams I flew all of the time.  I’d twirl around, literally becoming Wonder Woman fighting crime with my bracelets deflecting bullets.  I’d raise my arm, ascending in the air soaring high through the clouds where ever my mind took me.  In my dream state, anything was possible.  I often found myself rescuing family and friends, grabbing a hold of them, and taking them with me while flying through the air, all the way up to the moon where it was safe.

I’d often fly through the stars, taking me into other dimensions.  It was another form of earth, the same.  I soared in soared through the light of the stars, encountering my past selves and my future selves.  I’d communicate with them, exchanging information.

I was like superman, using my breath to freeze a bomb to prevent it from exploding. I’d also use it to put out fires.

Other times, I’d find myself breathing fire like a dragon, when trying to defeat an enemy.

Drifting through the clouds, I sometimes found myself suspended in the air, fighting off a nuclear attack, exploding bombs with the powers within my jewelry before they’d hit the ground, or injure innocent civilians.

I remember one time when I dream about being on a spaceship, lying in a bunk, where I was getting examined by some alien doctors.  Their technology was advanced compared to ours.  They spoke amongst themselves, questioning how I came to be on their spaceship.  I didn’t dare tell them about me being in a dream state for fear I’d never awaken from the nightmare I was in.  On the spaceship were also some robots resembling the one I’d seen on the television show Lost In Space.  The entire experience was both frightening and surreal.

The best parts of my dreams were when I was flying through the air with my superhuman powers enabling me to do so.  The ability to fly came in handy when escaping from danger, or from an enemy who attempted to bring me harm.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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