Day 48: Have Fun (If You Were An Animal, What Kind Of An Animal Would You Be?)

Like children, animals possess an innocence all of their own.  They’re playful, need nurturing, and even have tantrums, but in their own unique ways.  If I were an animal, I’d have to say the animal I’d most likely be would be a koala bear.  They are soft, fury, innovative, playful, have a shyness to them, and can even be extroverted when they want to be.  Although I’m extroverted now, during my high school years on back, I was introverted.  I was serious minded, painfully shy, and would retreat into myself, for fear of harm coming to me from the outside world.

Koala bears are nurturing and loving in and of themselves.  They have a sweetness to their overall personalities, and are most clever.

However, I’d also have to say that I possess common traits with that of a lion, because like them, I have my own voice of thunder when need be.  They have a grace and elegance to them.  Lions possess both physical strength and inner strength.  I too have great inner strength.  When I’m crossed in a negative fashion, my voice of thunder is strong, clear, concise, effective, and to the point.  Like the lion, I don’t tolerate injustice.  When someone is doing something I know in my heart to be wrong, I speak up.

I’m not territorial like the lion is, but like them, I’m protective of my loved ones.  If anyone close to me were to be mistreated by outsiders, I’d be the first to speak up.

On the other hand, if any of my loved ones were to do something I considered to be injustice toward anyone else, I’d speak up and point out to them how wrong they were.

Just as the lion possesses an aura of strength with it’s main, I find my inner strength through my hair.  For it’s my hair that has given me confidence in myself.    However, the lion commands respect from his peers.  He will put up a good fight in times of danger either due to threats posed upon him or his kin from other animals or man.  Although he is often feared, he possesses a quietness about him, in addition to a serious state of mind.

There is a demeanor with the way the lion carries himself I truly admire.

Parrots are admirable, because they are wise little creatures with great ability to communicate with man.  They also adapt to their surroundings, and are fast learners.  When I was in high school, my family had a parrot whose name was Mr. Alex.  I taught him Greek and Spanish, in addition to teaching him to speak English.  Whenever I’d do housework, I often turned on the radio to listen to music, or I’d play my cassettes on the stereo.  The little parrot learned the words of the songs and would often sing along with the music.  He’d even sing the songs at times when the music wasn’t playing.  Mr. Alex would sing just for the sake of singing.

Although the assignment was to pick an animal, meaning one animal, I chose the above three, because I’d have to say my personality is a mixture of all three.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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