The Reply

You claim you wore me like a bruise,

With an all intrusive tale; yet,

There is a light that blinds you by

Your own inner fire.

The realms with which you reside

Carry on their escapades inside my

Heart; an endowment for the release

Of all that is unholy by your vile

Song you sing.

For all that is mighty, holy, and honest,

I implore you to evaporate this madness

Your lips do speak, and evolve your heart

Into the purity heaven comprising heaven.

I am in askance for your doors of fire to

Shut in enviable trades possessed by

Your anguished spirit.

For it is not me who renounced your soul,

But the coals on which you walk with a

Stride withal evermore after danced

During the rummaging hours standing still

In the night.

Ease my winded spirit with holistic power

Residing within the deepest remnants of your


Let fault be put aside throughout this

Blinding brigade falling upon us.

For I wish you to rise out of the ashes

Of torment, and let your raging fires

Transform into magnifying rays of hope.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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