Night Winds Sing Their Songs Of Redemption

The long roads ahead fester

Up to my door at night with

A vengeance that wreaks havoc

On my spirit.

Night winds sing their songs

Of redemption for earthly dowers

Belonging to kings who fought

Blind battles to their early graves.

I call out to the singers of scorn

To help me relinquish embattlement

Scarring my heart and mind with

Wars of my past.

I’m talking about disease of the spirit

When it is crushed by voices who speak

Sharp words, pouring them into my core,

And pouncing upon my heart with the

Fear their needles inject.

I’m captured by the moon’s essence,

And the way it sees all for who they

Truly are.

Can a mantle be risen to when all my anguish

Boils over into my blood, causing my charred

Flesh to scream in agony, after the tyrant’s

Rampage has finished me off?

How will my fetes rise from the ashes

When I only know how to run into the

Darkness, further burying my sorrows

In the bitter herbs I consume?

Will your helter continue to burn

Me, once I relinquish my soul to

The night?

Why do you enrapture me with you

Words of steel?

Why do you make the fire so appealing?

Could the reasoning be I never knew any

Other way of living other than through

The flames you create upon my head?

Only time can wither away the core

Of your diseased souls that sets

My being to flames.

I step upon your wings, you

Gargoyle, and break down

Your channels that taunt me.

You are now only a shadow

Of who you used to be,

Because I have overcome the

Power your mind had over me.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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