Day 47: (Write About Writing): Passions Are Either Developed Or They Are Inborn

Passions are either developed or they are inborn.  Either way, they are something that folks like to spend every waking minute doing every single day, through dedicating themselves to accomplishing the given task.  It’s so rewarding when something is achieved.  I make a habit of writing at least 500 words a day through participating in the My 500 Words daily writing challenge.

Generally, I go down the list to see what the new challenge is for the given day, and follow through with it.  I let my mind wander what it may, writing whatever words pop into my head.  However, I make certain they pertain to the given topic.  It’s not whether or not a topic is good, but it’s about what makes the given writer feel good.  For it’s of grave importance a writer enjoy the writing craft itself.  I find the more I enjoy something, the more apt I am to dedicating myself to completing it each day.  The more I practice the craft, the further I develop my writing skills, and the better the writer I become. Anyone who puts into practice the writing craft, or whatever it is he is trying to hone, will further master his abilities; thus, becoming better at his given craft.  He will become the master of the craft himself.

I realize I’ve said throughout the vast articles I’ve written for the 500 word daily writing challenge how much my writing skills have improved since day 1 of starting the challenge, but I can’t stress enough how true the fact is.  I’ve found I have grown tremendously with my writing abilities through incorporating such skills into my daily practice.

I write, because I love it so much.  It’s always been good means of therapy for me, particularly in getting rid of my everyday stresses of life.  Writing has always helped me make sense not only of my life, but of the world both near and around me.  Through writing, I gain a better perspective about whatever problem or situation happens to be plaguing my life at the time.  The answers to my life’s problems are buried within me.

Writing helps me to channel my inner self; thus, unlocking the doors containing the answers I seek for solving problems affecting me.  I usually find them through going over the various pieces of writing I’ve written about the subject matter, utilizing my own thoughts, views, and feelings, in addition to incorporating the thoughts and views of others; thus, putting matters or the given situation in a new light.  I find the reasoning for the given problem or situation.  Rather I find the reasoning behind it, as well.

I’ve read in an article either online or in some periodical I purchased at one of my local grocery stores, mentioning how writing truly is therapeutic.  It’s great for keeping the mind and body healthy overall.  The article mentioned folks who deal with their problems through writing about them, are much healthier not only mentally, but physically.  It also states how such folks are more mentally balanced, because they can adapt to given stressful situations more easily than folks who don’t write.  Writers don’t get as overwhelmed with their problems, because when they write about them, they are releasing them, instead of keeping them bottled up inside.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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