I Wore You Like A Bruise

I wore you like a bruise

When your flames rose up

Against me, causing an explosion

Inside my imploding soul.

My walls of security trembled

From your tyrant rage you allowed

To excommunicate me from my

Inner peace.

Pain burned me with its acidity;

Yet, it gave me the adrenaline rush

I needed, allowing me to feel with

All its deliciousness.

For the more its flames burned me,

The stronger I became, because I fed

Off of the pain, instead of allowing it

To feed off of me.

I consumed its acidity with a ferociousness

Of a tigress, with all its communing properties.

Pushing back my tears, I delved into the core

Of your essence through connecting with your


In doing so, I realized your weakness is none

Other than your inflated ego.

I immediately began disassembling it piece

By fraudulent piece until your flames died out.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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