Day 43: (Taking A Mulligan) If I Could Do November 23, 1988 All Over Again…

There are some days when nothing goes right.  Some days are worse than others.  However, if I could do any day all over again, it would have to be November 23, 1988. I was sleeping comfortably, until I heard loud music coming from the living room.  My brother John put an Ozzy Osborune cassette blasting in the stereo.  The loud music woke me up.  I was upset, because I didn’t have to be at school until 8 a. m.  I was attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College at the time.  My first class for that day started at 8:30 a. m., but I usually arrived to school before then so I would have time to go over my notes in the study lounge, prior to heading to class.

I remember going into the living room that day, yelling at my brother to shut that crap off, because I was trying to sleep.  However, the more I yelled, the louder he put the music.  Finally, I gave up.  I decided to take a shower, to wake myself up, while my brother John and our brother Stanley got ready for school.  John was a senior in high school, and Stanley was a junior.

Upon finishing with my shower, I got dressed, and dried my hair.  In the middle of drying my hair, my dryer quit on me.

My brother John was in his bedroom at the time, standing in front of the mirror of his dresser, brushing his hair.

“My hairdryer died on me,” I said with tears in my eyes.

Taking my hairdryer from my hands, he examined it, replying, “Hairdryers don’t die.  They just burn out.  But you can always buy another one.”

My brother’s headed out the door.  Stanley took the bus, while John got a ride to school with a friend.

I finished doing my hair and makeup, while my mom took her car out of the garage and warmed it up.

She dropped me off at school.

My classes got out early that day, because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

I went with my mom to the grocery store to get some last minute items we needed for the holiday.

That evening, my mom received a phone call from my brother Stanley saying that he and my brother John had been involved in a car accident.  The so called friend who was driving the car was drunk.  He only sustained a broken leg.  Stanley sustained a scratch on the nose.  John sustained severe head injuries that put him in a coma for almost two weeks.  He was pronounced dead on November 30, 1988 when my parents took him off of life support.

If I could have done one thing differently on November 23, 1988, I would have been more tolerant of the loud music.  Shortly after my brother John died, I listened to Ozzy Osbourne’s music continuously.  Even today, when I hear Ozzy Osbourne’s recording of A Shot In The Dark, it nothing but a harsh emotional blow to me, because that was the song my brother was listening to the morning I yelled at him to turn the music off.  It was the last time I saw John alive.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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