It’s A Great Day For A Car Wash

A church is having sponsoring a car wash for their fund raiser. The child approaches the car to ask to tell the driver how much it is to get his or her car washed. The child then collects the money and begins washing the car with the rest of the children and the adults who are present.  “That’ll be four dollars for a wash, and two additional dollars for waxing, please.”

“That sounds like a fair price and good deal,” responded the woman who was driving the car.  She pulls out the bills from her wallet, and hands the money to the child, who then gives the money to one of the adults present.  He grabs a couple of sponges from a bucket containing soapy water, and begins washing the car, starting with the windshield, and then working his way all the way back, washing the doors, the hood, and all over the car.

One of the adults sprays down the car.  Some other children from the church begin wiping down the car thoroughly.

The car is then sent on its way.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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