Day 42: How I Have Become Better At Facing Disappointment

The future is not written in stone.  Things can happen and go wrong at any given moment in time.  It’s not about what we strive to achieve.  Sometimes, it’s about disappointment, and how we adapt to it and handle it.  It’s important that there are lessons in life each of us must learn.  The lessons come in different forms for everyone, but everyone has various lessons in life they must learn.  If everything we did turned out perfect, or if we achieved everything we strived for, we as humankind would become spoiled; thus, we would take life and everything in it for granted.

It’s important to learn from our mistakes.  For instance, yesterday, I strove to compose a short story from start to finish.  I never composed the short story yesterday, because I chose to go out for the evening with my aunt and grandmother.  I thought I would compose it upon returning home from our outing, or maybe after eating dinner.  I didn’t do anything of the kind, because I elected to watch television.  Then, I thought I would compose the story shortly after watching my favorite television program.  However, that led me to procrastinate even further.  By the time 10 p. m. came around, I was completely exhausted.  I had difficulty in keeping my eyes open.  So, I elected to go to bed, at that point in time.  I never even completed my food chart for the day.

The first thing I did today to begin my day was having breakfast.  I then logged onto my computer and unto the internet to check my messages.  From there, I updated my food chart.  Yesterday’s info is complete, with the exception of tabulating my calories, water, and protein.  I will definitely do that later today, when it comes time to tabulate my calories, water, and protein for today’s meals and beverages.

Yes, I would have liked to be on top of things yesterday, but it was a pretty off day for me.  I did manage to complete yesterday’s assignment for the writing challenge.  So, that’s a consolation right there.  I did at least get that accomplished yesterday.  As for that story I wanted to compose yesterday, I’ll do that today, as well.  I realize that it’s just a matter of organizing my time a little better.

Although I wish I didn’t fall short with my tasks or goals yesterday, I decided not to be too hard on myself.  I’ve come to realize that we all make mistakes.  It’s a part of what makes me human.  Nobody is perfect, but the Lord himself.  Perhaps I fell short with my goals, because I actually did need a break from writing constantly everyday.  Maybe it was time for me to take some time out to relax and spend some quality time with my family members.  It was a long time coming.  I’ve been so busy with my writing, that it has left me with very little time to spend with them.  Oh I’m not complaining.  I love writing very much.  As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’ve been fallen more and more in love with the writing craft every day.  However, I realized that it’s just as important for me not to take my family members for granted, either.  It’s just a matter of managing my time a little better, that’s all.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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