Day 41: My Motivation For Getting Involved With My 500 Words Writing Challenge

I initially decided to get started with My 500 words, because I wanted to get my thought process going.  My motivation was to make improvements upon my writing craft through expanding the capabilities of my mind; thus, enabling ideas to flow more freely.  Throughout this process I have completed a number of articles and stories pertaining to my life experiences.  I’ve completed a 10 part story in just a matter of days.

Once I dedicated myself to the task of writing, I never stopped.  I started out my writing one piece daily.  Now, I’m completing at least three and sometimes four or five pieces of writing daily.  I’m more excited than ever about the writing craft.

The things that worked for me when it came to achieving my writing goals was that I would write when I was relaxed, and had that very excited, joyful, feeling inside of me about the writing craft.  If I was stressed, I’d stop whatever it was I was doing and relax.  When relaxed, thoughts came to me more freely, because I was inspired to write.  I passion for the writing craft evolved; thus, becoming stronger than ever.

I started my day doing the daily assignment for the writing challenge.  Upon completing that, I logged off the internet and my computer, and shut everything down, so I could relax a bit, either by taking a brief nap, or by doing some exercise through dancing while listening to music from my vast collections of compact discs.

Music allowed my mind to wander, creating different avenues to right about.  Images came into my head where I’d imagine folks in different situations, being involved in conflict either with themselves or with others.  I write more effectively when I comes to developing characters in a given story, and developing the given story overall, making it move along smoothly.  I learned to start and complete a given piece of writing all in one setting; whereas, prior to doing the writing challenge, I would start a project, then put it away for a given period of time, to come back to it much later when I had more ideas as to where I’m going with the story, or as to what would transpire in the story next or with the given character or characters in the given piece.

My problem in the past is that I was thinking too much.  I learned that it’s important for me to feel my way through a given piece, instead of thinking my way through.  A writer shouldn’t think about the direction of the story, he should feel the direction; thus, let the story lead him, instead of him leading the story.  These methods worked best for me regardless if I was creating and article or a piece of fiction.  These methods also worked when I was creating poetry, or whatever genre of writing I happened to be working on .

A writer needs to find his own niche to decide what is working for him and what isn’t working when he is writing.  One he finds the formula that works, he must stick with it; thus, use it as a blue print or cookie cutter method.  Through doing so, he won’t go wrong.  It’s worked so far for me.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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