The Lesson For The Day

During childhood, the anticipation of what’s to come next with each step taken builds up immensely.  Back in middle school, I always looked forward to the lunch hour, because there was always something special the lunch ladies prepared with care.

Leading up to lunch, for first period, I had language arts class.  The lesson for the day was to create our own forms of Haiku.  It was the first time I was introduced to such poetry.  I found it to be unique; yet strange, because it consisted of only three lines.  We students were also told it consisted of five beats for the first line, seven beats for the second line, and five beats for the third line; however, there was no rhyme.  Our teacher told us to use imagery in our pieces, with details pertaining to nature.  I loved the idea, because back then, I wrote many poems at home on my spare time pertaining to nature.

On this day I wrote about the golden sky that appeared to have a magical essence to it.  It amazed me the way nature inhibited the imagination.  However, we were told to read some Haiku from our textbooks first, to get an idea as to what Haiku poems were all about.  Incorporation of our feelings was very important, because all great writers established an emotional connection with their audience.

After going over some examples of Haiku poetry with us, our teacher gave us fifteen minutes to come up with three good ones.  Upon completing our compositions, she had us each read our pieces during class.

One student elected to write a Limerick piece instead.  He read it aloud after standing up before the class.  It was the most vulgar piece of poetry any of us had ever heard, especially our teacher.

Many of the students in my class laughed.  Our teacher was furious.  She said anyone who laughed would receive a detention. I made myself cough to avoid her getting mad and start yelling at me.  As for the young man who wrote the piece, he was sent down to the office with a hall pass, after our teacher contacted the office via the intercom telling the secretary that so and so would be arriving to the office for punishment regarding a vulgar piece of poetry he wrote and read in front of the class.  He was also punished for not following directions, because the assignment was to write a Haiku piece, not a Limerick.

Sometime later, during lunch period, most of the students were already seated eating their meals, when the young man who wrote the vulgar poem when up on the platform stage that was in the cafeteria, and recited his vulgar piece of poetry there, as well.  Again, everyone laughed.  I was about to laugh myself, until I saw the principle dashing into the cafeteria, running madly up to the platform, grabbing a hold of the young man by the arm, hauled him down from the platform, and yelled to the rest of the students, “This young man is get two more weeks added onto to his suspension.  As for any of you who laughed, you will be a detention that will be in effect as of today.  You will stay after school for the next three days of school”.  Again, I forced myself to cough to avoid laughing.

I took my sandwich with me, and ate it on my way to the bathroom, while a friend of mine watch my plate containing the rest of the meal until I returned.

Upon entering the women’s restroom, I went into one of the stalls, locked it, and laughed like crazy, because the incident was so funny, and unexpected.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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