From Dusk To Dawn When Dusk Clouds The Light

From dusk to dawn when dusk clouds the light with smoke and dust, she grasps the hand of her child to guide her through the cracks of time.  For to hear the child’s laughter as the two of the dance together in the moonlight as mother and daughter, traveling down mythic paths towards enlightenment, several shades of gray immerse their silhouettes with hits of faint light breaking through the cracks, as the moonlight sneaks a peak at the two of them.

Forever bold is the walk across the desert, when the tides of morrow break through minds longing to breathe in lost tunnels unbound by the fear that stalks the two females in the night.  The rooms they break into create a festering bridge that runs across the land from ever glowing strands of pearls arising from the depths of the earth’s belly.  This womb ascends thousands of soldiers that call out to the mother and daughter to move forward as they chant their songs of mirth, and bleed out their hearts with anguish during the fall of their empire.

Hovering many stars across the way is the loneliness starved by the burning that goes on within festering moons glowing within me.  Attic in the hours of my tides become hazy in their eyes, and I stumble upon the mighty falcon flying high above me.

“Good tidings to you, my dear,” he cries out to me with his head lowered in a bow while stepping back on one foot.

“Good journey to all creatures of the night,” I called out to him as I caress my hand against his wings.

“I call upon you to reach in to the light of Heaven to bring forth a new destiny for humanity.  One that would sustain the millions of fetes they encounter along the way of the tired search for elongated steeds buried inside their own minds.  They must look to their visions at night which shall carry them far across the palace courtyards, and daring them to play one on one in a match of tennis,” he shouts while flapping his wings about, ascending in their air, suspending himself before me.

“My dear creature, how can I make my way across the desert with no path to follow when there is no light in this thick smoky air.  The light cracking through is not enough to sustain me.  All I can see are shadows of a mother and daughter walking ahead of me, on their own path towards enlightenment,” I shriek while shivering in the crispness of the air.

However, all he told me, I keep locked away within my heart in the deepest places, and let their images burn into the crevices of my mind, while drifting in and out of consciousness.  For these are the roads I follow in allowance for humanity to risk a freight in the tides that sing to all hearts of humanity.

Cantors harmonize in the background.  Their voices echo through inside of the midnight hours that burn up the sky with a fire so filled with rage.  All the light has turned my heart to ashes and dust to feed the earth where I soon return from which I came.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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