Struggle As I Do, I Keep My Balance

Wandering through radiant fields of random thoughts, my mind drift.  My sleep carries me away from my being, taking my spirit deep into the realms recanted with mysticism.  Dreams become magical, enabling me to participate in the mysticism of it all.  Through these colorful waters, I’m enticed to delve into these pools randomly, where I fall into a train speeding madly down the tracks.

Struggle as I do to keep my balance, I fall back down, because of the wild journey I’m embarking on.  When I’m able to get my bearings, I pull myself up while hanging onto my seat.

Looking all around, I can see no one else on this train.  The only thing in sight is a crow that crashed through the window, leaving broken chards of glass all over the floor and the seats.

I pick up the bloody creature, handling it with the utmost care.  His breathing is faint, as he’s can barley open his eye lids.  Gazing up at me directly into my eyes, he peers into the deepest pits of my core where only he knows the truth about the agony I faced.  Only I know his anguish he now suffers, as he begins to pant, struggling to get an ounce of breath.  He head is moist with the redness of the blood where he obtained his wounds.

There is a storm brewing outside.  Angry winds blast through my ears with their profane tones.  All time stands still.

A rapture in this dance causes my heart to communicate with this dying creature whose life is that of melancholy.

I wish I knew how or why he ended up crashing through the window of this train.  Perhaps someone shot him down while he flew through the air with his own ease, or he might have been hit with a boomerang or a slingshot.  Anyway, I looked at it things, the only thought that came into my mind was that man is cruel.  He is a destroyer of innocent life that only sought to life through it with its own wonder and grace.

Now, who else shall mourn this precious creature whose life slowly fades away, while laying in the palms of my hands.  Is it necessary for all the uncertainty that holds my mind in isolation and my soul prisoner to this deed.

Where is the rest of human creation?  Why am I the only one on this wild ride?

Opening the door of the car I’m on, I see the night that has fallen into me.  I gaze up into the heavens in askance of the Higher Power to lift up this creature whose body trembles with cold.

Looking down into my hands the creature makes faint sounds.  I lay him down on the floor.

Taking off my coat, I pick up this life and wrap him up in the warmth of the fur, treasure his being, and comforting his soul, as his spirit burns into the light of the moon while being carried up the stairway to heaven.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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