Aldine was no average girl, she was born ages ago on a planet called Kalmagron.  She was flying through the outer dimensions of time and space looking for a better way to serve her purpose in life.  First she needed to find a better realm to bring a foundation to bridge the gap between all the stars in the sky.  Within each star is a another version of each planet.  Most importantly, there is another self waiting to be explored.  There is the world of the past self and the future self, and Aldine who was the present self.

All her life she wondered what was so special about the stars in the sky.  From the time she was a child here on Earth, she was fascinated with the stars in the sky not knowing why.  Each time she’d go to the grocery store with her family, it was always dark outside when they exited the grocery store, because night had set in.

With every turn she climbed all the foundations that life had to offer.  She often wondered why she had certain emotional attachments to certain objects, buildings, people, places, creatures, all life, and all things.

The more she delve into historical studies of the world, the more curious she became.

She often encountered strangers that in her heart, she felt she knew, but had no clue why she felt an emotional attachment to them even though she encountered them for the first time in her life.  These were folks that she passed by on the street who went about their daily routine, walking towards their own destinations, either by entering or exiting a store, or folks she encountered in a parking lot, or in a mall plaza or outside of it.

Always pondering what it is about the world that caused things to be the way that they are, she knew that there had to be a logical explanation for everything that occurred in life and beyond.  Aldine especially believed in the Afterlife and the beyond.

Often on her walks into her local parks, she would stop to feed the birds or squirrels she encountered, by feeding them bread crumbs from a bag she carried with her.

She lay on the grass, closed her eyes, focusing on the images that floated before them in the realms of her mind.  Within her there were other dimensions.  Her mind connected her to deeper realms within time and space.  She saw things that hadn’t happened yet.

With the power of her mind, she was able to communicate with her past self, and her future self, as she and they guided each other on their quest.  It was a quest to save the world from itself.  To do so, it is necessary she bring the galaxy together in order to create existence for the world.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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