Aldine 2: The Past Self

Aldine wandered over to the Brody’s Trade Center with her comrade at arms Eyotina.  The had just come from visiting Tierno, a fallen comrade, in the hospital who’s powers were tampered with while he battled enemy forces in the sky.

The two girls met up with six other comrades at the Brody Trade Center.  They were Lako, Reno, Eyotitsa, Raya, Roelle, and Jallan.  That day, they decided to take a visit to the moon, where they could relax, and discuss strategy for battle.

Raising her left arm in the air, Aldine rubbed her fingers together with her thumb, creating friction with the rings she wore that were the source of her power that enabled her to ascend into the air.

Lako wore hand braces that when banged together, created sparks, which enabled him to ascend into the air.

Reno’s power came from his bicycle, of which when he wound the peddles in a backwards motion, ascended him into the air.

Eyotina’s and Eyotitsa’s powers were similar to Aldine’s which enabled them to ascend into the air, only they used the opposite hand.  Eyotitsa had an extra element she used, in addition to applying the same motions as the other two girls.  She clicked her tongue three times.

Raya raised her left arm in the air and twirled it about, then clapped her hands together, creating friction with the rings she wore on each finger, which enabled her to ascend into the air.

Roelle applied the same methods as Raya, only she twirled her right arm, instead of her left, and then ascended into the air.

Jallen’s power came from his ice blue eyes combined with glaring into the sun during the day, and the moon during the night time.  Doing so, he ascended into the air.

Ascending above the trees, through the cloud’s and then beyond, they could feel the coldness of the atmosphere the higher they went and the further they went from away from their planet.  Light to dark, as they delve deep into space, before finally reaching the moon, where they landed with ease.

Sitting cross legged in a circular, they took turns discussing their strategy for battle.

Because she was the leader of the group, Aldine was the first to speak.  “We have to do something to increase the strength of our powers.  There must be something that can be done.  I know the girls and I can’t just rely on the powers within our jewelry alone.  And you men can’t rely on your own weapons of power the way they are.  I know that Roberto Eurus is involved in something secret.  I don’t know what, but I he must know how our powers can be made to be stronger.  Surely, he can help us in someway.”

“He was the one who trained us.  Where is he all this time?  Do you realize he’s been away for over a year.  Where has he gone to?  Why would he have abandoned us, his students during the times when we need him the most?  Even if he did have the capability to help us strengthen our powers and capabilities, he’s no where to be found,” Lako smacked his own hands down in discuss, breaking small pieces of the moon’s rock in the process.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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