Relationships Come In Many Different Forms

There are different kinds of relationships out there.  They come in many forms.  I’d like to talk about the friendships that have meant the most to me.  This form of relationship is of the highest quality to me.

I graduated from college back in 1992.  I was in need of a job, but had no luck obtaining any, because every place I went, I was told I was over qualified.  This made me wonder what kind of people the companies or businesses were looking for.

Soon, discouragement set in.  However, I got involved with poetry competitions back in 1993, where I was awarded certificates of recognition, but no money coming in.

During the early part of 1994, I got involved with an international poetry organization, of which held conventions in Washington, D. C. every year where they held a Poet Of The Year competition that I not only didn’t win, but I wasn’t even a finalist.

Disappointment overwhelmed me.  I tried again the following year, but still no luck winning the title of Poet Of The Year or placing as a finalist.

I continuously entered not only poetry competitions, but I began entering competitions for fiction and screenplays.  There was no luck winning contracts there, either.

Soon, depression set in.  I felt worthless, because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my life.  Not only did I consider myself a failure as a writer, but a failure when it came to obtaining employment.

In 1997, I put in job application after job application, until finally, I was accepted for a job at a local buffet restaurant in the Kalamazoo area.

Some time after that I got acquainted with some folks of whom I formed lasting friendships today.  The restaurant and property were sold in March 2002.  There were two young ladies I got acquainted with along with a young man of whom I’m still close friends with.  These friendships are the most endearing to me.

During the years of our working together at the buffet restaurant, they made my bad days at work into something more worthwhile.  They sustained me.  There was a time when things were so hectic, that I didn’t understand why I was still working there.

However, these three close friends always brought out the cheerful side of me.  They brought out the best in me.  Not only that, but they have become like family.  Although I don’t see them all that much, we communicate through Facebook.  The one friend in particular is always cheering me on and encouraging me with my writing.  I remember at some point I wanted to give up on my writing, but her kind words of encouragement made me want to keep trying.

It’s important to have these kinds of relationships in one’s life.  These are the one’s that are the most endearing, in that the friendships such as these make life more worthwhile, and have help me to grow and evolve as a person.

For so many years of my life, I was introverted, but after getting acquainted with these folks through working with them, I was enabled by them to become extroverted.

These people cared about what I had to say, and were patient listeners.  I will always treasure their friendship.

If I had made a success as a professional writer soon after graduating from college, I never would have gone through what I went through, and I never would have applied to the buffet restaurant, let alone get hired there.  I also never would have gotten the chance to know the wonderful people from working there, who have become such close friends.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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