Rest Is Crucial For Bringing Order To The Body And Mind

Rest is crucial for all life in order for the body to repair itself, especially at night.  Without it the body breaks down little by little and fails to function properly.  Having no rest can make a person irritable, and miserable to be around.  However it isn’t necessarily that person’s fault.  For example, for the past several months, I have been deprived of sleep at night, because my grandmother keeps me awake each night by crying throughout.  My aunt says it’s because my grandmother is in pain, or she gives me some other excuse.  I tell her, “if she is in pain, then give her a Tylenol.”  However, she bitterly responds that she does give my grandmother a Tylenol, and that it doesn’t help her.  I suggested to her on many occasions that she ask the doctor about putting my grandmother on a sedative to take at night so she can sleep throughout, but my aunt wouldn’t hear of it.  Sleep deprivation is torturing to my nerves, because, to me, the crying she makes is similar to the sound of metal rubbing against metal.  Through doing so, it’s like she’s stomping on my nerves.  It feels like my nerves are broken, because they have been put to the test beyond their means.  It’s a never ending process.

Sleep deprivation puts stress on the entire body; thus, it elevates blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels.  I know this to be true, because this was what happened to me two years ago, when my grandmother deprived me of sleep for 4 months straight with her crying and complaints.  It was surprising for my blood pressure and so on to be high.  I explained to my doctor my situation of having to go without sleep on a nightly basis, due to my grandmother keeping me awake with her crying and complaints.  She told me that the stress inflicted upon me from the lack of sleep had caused my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels to go high.

Rest is important, because when the body is pushed beyond its capacity, it cannot function properly.  From past experience, whenever I didn’t get enough sleep, I couldn’t function as I should, and I would tremble from exhaustion.  There have been times when I was so tired, that breathing felt like such a chore.  However, I realized the importance of breathing, and how necessary it is for survival of all life.

Going without sleep can affect a person psychologically, through causing both auditory and visual hallucinations.  It can cause individuals to go mad.

Even now as I write this article, my grandmother is still carrying on with her crying and complaints.

Last night, I get approximately two hours of sleep, because my grandmother keep me up until 5:30 a. m.  I go into hers and my aunt’s bedroom to shush her, and to tell her that she needs to be quiet so I can get some sleep, but it does no good.

Without rest, the body tightens up with tension which can lead to heart attack or worse. It’s important for helping a person recover from the everyday stress factors of life, by clearing the mind.  One form of rest is meditation, through using deep focus, because it helps the body to release the negative energy built up within it; thus, causing the muscles to loosen up and prevent injury in the future, through daily practice.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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