Flash Fiction: Like Crystal Goblets Crashing To The Floor

Like crystal goblets crashing to the floor after being shook by the crispness of life, raindrops danced their way unto the flesh of Melody’s hand.  She took in the essence that fill her atmospheric haven, and became mesmerized by this miracle that was taken place before her eyes.  Something as simple as little droplets of water could implore their essence through her entire being through captivating her mind, and taking her into realms of adventure that caused her to collide with this escapade.

The city came alive with a joy heart that spoke to her soul.  For her surroundings became undulant layers that cascaded down her shoulders like a women’s tresses would entice man with sensuality.

These droplets of rain had a sensuality all its own, enticing Melody’s heart with the warmth they created.

The haziness of the trees in the background added a sense of mystery about the city, leaving the soul in fractured by the billboards that stood guard behind Melody, waiting to march for into the realms she explored in the rain.  For these realms dwelled in the very depths of her animated dreams where the falcon soared high into the sky, bold and proud.

Never before had the miracles of life exceeded the bounds as this vision that danced before her.  Raindrops that floated like isotopes, suspended briefly in the air, winding their way down in a spiral toward her as they crashed into her palms, and eventually landed in the form of smaller droplets unto the ground.

With her raven hair clinging to her face, the wind blew its tears into her eyes to bind all tidings of grace.  Heaven spoke frantically, calling out all of it’s angels to ascend over man.  They came into the form of crystals that melted into the earth with the waters they became.

Melody took in deep breaths to cleanse her lungs of the tension that mounted from her busy day at the office, as she danced in the flooded areas heaven’s tears brought about, immersing her soul with the power of all that is Holy.

Flinging her hands up in the air, she sprinted down the plaza area toward the building and stood at the very edge of her existence, taking in the incumbency that spoke to her soul.  It asked of her to allow her heart to explore all waters that boiled over in the very depths of her hidden rage, in order to bring out the trueness of her spirit, setting it free to pursue the joys and miracles life has to offer in return for her heralding ways toward the heavens.

For in time, she discovered all the she needed to know about herself and more through allowing herself to experience life in further study of these precious waters abound, falling to the earth, unfolding time’s gateway into the future, beholding the visage of this mindful deed she pursued in her dance of the heart in the days of thunder, and the hours of silence.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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