It Was A Hot Muggy Night

It was a hot muggy night.  Most of the town was asleep with the exception of Jade.  She was restless, because she had many worries on her mind, ranging from a family member whose mind slowly faded away into nothingness, and another family member who was struggling to overcome alcoholism.  Then, there was her credit card debt.  Jade worked at a buffet restaurant where she made only minimum wages.  Her cashier position wasn’t much, but it was a job that enabled her to pay her bills.  Sometimes there were difficult customers who made life there miserable, with their bitter complaints about the store policy of not being able to take food home, or there were others who couldn’t make up their mind as to what they wanted to drink.  When placing their orders for their meals, other customers often changed their minds; thus, getting upset after being told that their orders couldn’t be changed was everything was totaled and cashed out.

On her walks, Jade often stopped to listen to the musicality of the crickets and birds that were nearby up in the maple trees.  Then, she would move on, and walk through Bronson Park, to enjoy the beautiful statues of children that stood in the fountain, and gazed upon their youth that brought back painful memories of her own childhood.

She remembered the years of torment and torture at the hands of both her parents.  Remembering how she was unable to dress in a manner that suited her own personality, because her parents often said, nice girls don’t wear this, nice girls don’t wear that.  Or that she could have her hair styled this way, or she could have her hair styled that way, because it just wasn’t a style that nice girls wore.  “But how does a hairstyle determine who is a nice girl and who isn’t?”  Jade protested.  However, that only got her a slap in the face from either her mother or her father, because they saw her convictions as signs of disrespect to them and to their culture.

While sitting on the park bench, Jade look up at the dark sky to see the twinkle of the stars, that often brought her joy from the time she was a child.  For her, it was fun to imagine what was going on out there in space and time.  Perhaps there were other worldly dimensions that man has yet to discover.  She wondered if they had to do with past and future selves of man.  Or perhaps, there were other stargazers out there in the galaxy with questions about the world, how it worked and what caused destiny to be the way that it was.  Were there patterns of fate set out by God Himself for man to follow?  If so, why were these patterns there?  Perhaps they were already laid down for man to follow before he was even born.  Hence comes the concept of God having a special plan for every individual to follow, whether they be human, animal, plant life, all life had been given a course of which to step upon, carrying with it lessons to learn.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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