Raw becomes the plight of my exisrence, only to fade into darkness. (c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


Frivolous clouds glide across nervous skies. Crash!!! Bam!!! Boom!!! Thunder sends down rain. I tiptoe outside. Showers laugh in mockery. (c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2022

Dancing In Realms Of Dreams

I cannot begin to describe the atrosties of the heart. Blind is the mind dancing in realms of dreams. Where am I? How about raining down my path, my Lord. Perhaps my thirst for knowledge drive out illusion. I drive from destination to destination, unsure where my life heads me towards. Perhaps a drop more, … More Dancing In Realms Of Dreams


A Folded Dream

I lost the sock to take a tour around the world. Where did the sunlight go?Darkness blankets to lonesome sky. My heaviness lingers in soulful dance.Frothy cream whispers secrets to the cup of coffee resting upon my kitchencounter. No one moves after mood swings bring strangulation to bliss. Is there no more music burning a … More A Folded Dream

Arise, Mystical Being

Arise, my pet from darkness. Purple rain saturates mystical beings thrashing their arms. Let a blissful child be contained. His essence bleeds into my heart. (c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2020

The Cusp

The cusp my winds shape dances grievously in pitter-patter rains.I stand against deep seated anguishWhere chilled memories defy leisure.For my road left to it’s demise, devours me.


I don’t have much to report. Things have been going alright with my clothing retail job. It’s tiring at times, but good exercise. So far, I’ve lost a grand total of 17 pounds since I started working there back on March 12, 2018. Some have drama going on. I get how most folks have drama, … More Highlights